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Games / Foggy's Quest
« Last post by VincentGR on Today at 01:34 »
Foggy's Quest

  • Sprites redone
  • Objects redone
Allgemein / Re: CPC podcast deutsch - 1. Teil
« Last post by robcfg on Yesterday at 22:46 »
Euer Akzent ist nicht zu schlimm.

Ich spreche Deutsch mit südspanische Akzent...  ;D
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: ROMBO Redux Deluxe - New ROMboard
« Last post by GUNHED on Yesterday at 20:23 »
BTW: If possible put ROM at lower positions than the DOS (1-6) to omit problems with certain software relying on the DOS starting about A700 or so.  :)
Can you put me program basic here ? , thx  :o

Ok, I just need to get it from CPC to PC....
Technical Support / Re: Amstrad CPC 464 keyboard
« Last post by ricko on Yesterday at 19:36 »
I guess i will do that, I don't have too much options. Even 1.27 ones are scarce  >:( , so I think i'd try with 1.25.
PD Graphics 8.

Four text Scrollers.

I have only Listed three so will show the missing one in the next video.
Games / Re: Vespertino - new game from BG Games
« Last post by pelrun on Yesterday at 17:51 »
I've just finished cleaning up Gozeur/Paradox's rupture tutorial, you can find it here:

Absolutely no warranty given for the accuracy of the text; OCR and a french spell checker helped get it close but I can't speak a word of that language (wait, I lied. merde.), so it probably put some very wrong accents in places.

The Logon System articles from Amstrad Cent Pour Cent are also in that repository, but they aren't fully edited yet. Some listings work, some are hopelessly broken.
Hardware related / Re: 6128 drive not spinning on some disks
« Last post by Colday on Yesterday at 16:59 »
Me again.

Ok, I'm back with my CPC6128 after a few weeks away.

@Bryce, this definitely isn't the issue you suggest and is exactly as @VincentGR mentions.

When you slightly push the eject button the disc becomes readable, with the CPC case open, what this is doing is slightly lifting the carrier mechanism which in turn is slightly lifting the pressure mechanism that sits on top of the disk (holding the magnetic surface against the read head).

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Video here:

Allgemein / Re: CPC podcast deutsch - 1. Teil
« Last post by logiker on Yesterday at 14:24 »
Ach, wie die Zeit vergeht.
Mittlerweile gibt es die Seite nicht mehr. :-(
Aber zum Glück hat sich hauptsächlich die URL geändert:
Ein zweiter Teil ist wohl nie gefolgt, oder?
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: ROMBO Redux Deluxe - New ROMboard
« Last post by 260Z on Yesterday at 13:59 »
PM sent  :)
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