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Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Laptop.
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 10:20 »
Turning it into a Frankenstein's monster, are you? :D
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Laptop.
« Last post by Bryce on Today at 10:13 »
That's emulated, doesn't count. Believe it or not, there HAS been progress. At the weekend I prepared one of the battery packs. They slide in the front, so if removed you have a gapping hole and when inserted you lose 1/3 of the internal space, so I've cut the front face off one of the packs so that it can be glued in place.

Next plan is to re-build the keyboard.

Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Laptop.
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 10:09 »
Programming / Re: Sprites on Basic
« Last post by Fabrizio Radica on Today at 10:00 »
I've used symbol definition (and transparency) on this but i wanted to try new solutions for big sprites or big tiles.
Anyway, next time i whould like to use ASM (but I do not know the z80 opcode at the moment) :)

So, for big sprites (or tiles) recommend me to use two or more - symbol definition  -attached?tnx :)

This is the way how the screen memory is organized. The next line on screen doesn't start after 80 (&50) instead after &800:e.g. first line &C000, second line &C800 (not &C050 which is the 9th line). Pretty weird, isn't it? :)
By the way: you can create a faster sprite in Basic with symbol definition and transparency too.
Applications / Re: MicroDesign Plus
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Today at 08:53 »
One for dog lovers everywhere....
Stop Press clip art from Goldmark Systems converted to MD format.
Draft quality.
Interesting - what would we use these interupts for? Is that similar to Play City and its interupts?
Games / Re: Pinball Dreams, new game from Batman Group!!
« Last post by LambdaMikel on Today at 08:23 »
Looking much forward to playing it!!  :)
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Laptop.
« Last post by LambdaMikel on Today at 08:21 »
Some progress on this thread...  ;) :D
Classifieds / Re: Wanted Zaxon DDI-1 (clone) (2014)
« Last post by Audronic on Today at 08:15 »
No I just thought i would get another one working properly so it works well with 2 drives attached.

I am in between projects at the moment perhaps thats why ??

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