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Programming / Re: Nicky Boom for CPC ?
« Last post by jesusdelmas on Yesterday at 19:35 »
If you want it so badly on regular CPCs, you can port it yourself  :P

Im not saying nothing bad about the game being develop for the plus series, the programes has the right of doing what he want to and its fine, i just said that more than 90% of the amstrad comunitty prefer games on the clasic amstrad, and thats a fact. Anyway im happy for the plus series too, forgotten machine with lots of capabilities
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: MIDI and CPC
« Last post by zhulien on Yesterday at 19:30 »
In the meantime, I have 3channel polyphony for the CPC MIDI IN Synthesizer:

Again, apologies for poor synth / keyboard playing, I usually play the Guitar  ;)

Now all you need is a recording facility to banked ram then a way to save them as MIDI files for game developers to make CPC midi music.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: MIDI and CPC
« Last post by zhulien on Yesterday at 19:29 »
Really, the ultimate MIDI interface should be made with USIFAC, as it is so much cheaper to produce than LS3. Somebody should try porting my MIDI IN code to USIFAC.

I think that is not a bad idea, is it possible to make a programming examples for both, but with a focus on the USIFAC but with patches for LambdaSpeak?  I am thinking perhaps for any midi software, if people coded it with USIFAC being the focus, but ensuring compatability with the LambdaSpeak via a config file, then anyone who really wanted a cheap MIDI option would naturally go for USIFAC, but those who do happen to have LambdaSpeak and wanted that as a MIDI option, could just use that?  If we can get programming docs for some of the other CPC MIDI interfaces, then additional patches could be made - Music Machine etc.  It seems there are a few around, would be nice if software on CPC did allow plugin drivers - it's not that hard always.

The file was only for 464+/6128+. As far as i know, nobody is doing the same page for non GX4000 game, so you'll have to start a new one by yourself if you want it.
Ah, that would be why - I'll take a look and see if I can do anything about that!
That's true.

C64 also sells a lot more than the CPC, but is not as catchy as busiNES  ;D

Because retro is busiNES...  :-\
I don't think is the end of the world.

This is hobby that is very demanding, IMHO 4Mhz should do whatever makes them happy.

Of course I'd love them to release more awesome CPC games (and I'm sure they will!), but if they want to develop for other systems, that's great!

As I said, that's a great way to acquire new skills one can use use when working on a new CPC project.
Because retro is busiNES...  :-\
They can make a CPC version, of course, but from:

After the first satisfactory results, the team decided to migrate the platform project, becoming an exclusive development for the NES.

So it is a NES game now. Which is fine!

(and the same post says they're exclusively working on this; anyway, go and read the post because it has a lot of info!)

Im agree with you but not in one thing,  as an amstrad fan talking in an amstrad.comunitty forum, this news are reall6 bad news for the comunitty. Of course its fine if 4mhz has started to develop games for nes and not for the amstrad cpc (at least for some time). But the truth is this news havent been good at all for amstrad users, and the point is that they didnt even say nothing about nes or other plataforms.

As i said, good to have new retro games for nes (i have a nes mini) but not good for the amstrad comunitty
Coming back on the topic please...

With LambdaSpeak III nobody need these SPO chips any longer! Because it's emulated and even better emulated than the original hardware ever was.

The LS3 only has a socket for "sentimental" reasons or people with bat like hearing abilities, who just "want" to have that chip "on board".

LS3 can do so much more and it quite cheap without these needless SPO chips. Please refer to the GitHub and resources if you want one.

Also we can make a kind of list for EU here to get a batch of LS3 together for cheap. Also I can help with burning CPUs and stuff like this.
Applications / Re: The Advanced Art Studio by Rainbird Software
« Last post by Ast on Yesterday at 18:32 »

For your eyes only, here is a sample of what iMPdraw can do, and also more.

Stay tuned.
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