Amstrad CPC664 Computing

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An introduction to the Amstrad CPC664.


Title: Amstrad CPC664 Computing
Authors: Ian Sinclair
Publisher: Collins
Year: 1985
Pages: 279
ISBN: 0-00-383184-1



01. Setting up the CPC664.
02. Putting It All On The Screen.
03. A Few Variations.
04. Repeating Yourself.
05. String and Other Things.
06. Menus, Subroutines and Programs.
07. The Disc System.
08. The CP/M Operating System.
09. BASIC Filing Techniques.
10. A Database Example - Filing Cabinet.
11. Windows and Other Effects.
12. Starting Graphics. 
13. Guide to Greater Graphics.
14. Sounding Out the CPC664.
15. Printers.

Appendix A: Editing.
Appendix B: The ASCII Codes in Hex.
Appendix C: KEY Antics.
Appendix D: Error Trapping.
Appendix E: Use of the CTRL Key in CP/M.
Appendix F: Dotted Lines.
Appendix G: XOR, AND, OR.