CWTA Issue 25 - January 1987 - Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the January 1987 issue of Computing_with_the_Amstrad:


  • Scroller (Terence Bratley)
  • Rollaball (Dak Long Lau)
  • Breakpoints (Roland A Waddilove)
  • Fun Factors (Eric Harper, adapted by Ken Goodman)


  • The Rollaball and Fun Factors listings were mixed up, the Rollaball section attributed to Dak Long Lau contains the Fun Factors code, and the Fun Factors section attributed to Eric Harper contains the code for Rollaball, with the first line of the Fun Factors code at the start of the Rollaball listing.
  • The postbag had an improved version of Nick Hinde's Archiver listing.
  • Amstrad Analysis - Array Adds (by Trevor Roberts) is a machine code demonstration of addition and is not on the dsk image.