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An Input Device is one-way Man-Machine interface.

What are those?

  • Games controllers : Joysticks and joypads.
  • Pointing devices : Mouse, lightpens, Trackballs.
  • Keyboard is also an input device.
  • Lightguns are both a pointing device and a game controller.

It is also to notice that many measurement devices are technically Input Devices this may include:

  • Picture Scanners
  • Audio Samplers
  • Digital multimeter/oscilloscope

But for the purpose of simplicity this category will only include Man-Machine control devices.

How does it work ?

The response from the machine often come from the Display (monitor) but also from the sound system.

The Human/User enter controls through the input devices, the Computer reacts and display a result (be it on screen or a sound effect or both), the User then analyses the displayed result and reacts again with another input from the device... We often call this having fun with a game.


Despite the ability from the computer to communicate with Users thanks to sound effects, this is a one way communication too.

Most computers actually can't hear the user's screaming against it when a software is getting frustrating or bug-riden.

But a sound input device can be implemented for a computer, even for an Amstrad...

And now?

Many modern versions of Game Controllers are actually also output devices, as the Machine may control some features like lights, force or vibrator and so on.

Also it is to notice that some modern controllers are a crossbreed between Lightpens/guns and joypads... in use.

Or those can also include fancy display units (screens) or whatever.

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