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Computer Gamer was a monthly UK magazine that covered the home gaming scene during the mid 80's.

It ran from April 1985 to June 1987 lasting 27 Issues. They were published by Argus Specialist Publications and the price was 95p.

It covered almost every machine at the time and was full of game reviews, computing news, previews, hints, letters and user type-ins (mainly games). Program listings were published every month. Amstrad CPC content appeared from the first issue right through to the end of the magazine. Quite often listing were almost multiplatform, as there would be conversion instructions to get type-ins working for other machines. Every month there was something for Amstrad users - a type-in, game reviews and sometimes news. This magazine was essentially a re-launch of Games Computing.

Amstrad type-ins, game reviews, interesting news and content is shown below - not the entire magazines. Type-ins were featured every month, with Amstrad owners lucky enough to have 2 or more type-ins some months.