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A british company that manufactured disc drives for homecomputers, including a Amstrad-compatible 3" drive, the Cumana 3" Disk Drive.

Wikipedia about Cumana

Cumana, based in Guildford, England, was a manufacturer of educational computer products. Among its best-known products were disc drives for Acorn and BBC computers.

Cumana closed down in 1995. Its designs and brand name were acquired by Economatics, and its electronics assembly facilities by Kenure Developments Ltd (KDL). The Cumana brand is currently owned by Cannon Computing, which supplies educational hardware and software.

Cumana / Cannon Computing's About Us

Cumana / Cannon Computing have been supplying IT equipment to schools for nearly 30 years. Our expertise comes in many different forms right from the early days of Acorn Computers to the modern day Network and PC installations that we now do.