Demoware 2

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Demoware 2 was the second demo from UK group the Bitmap Vandals. Never officially released, it was eventually posted to the Internet in 1998 by Interrupt after discussions on comp.sys.amstrad.8bit.

Even at that belated stage, the demo managed to impress many with a decent set of effects, especially considering the notoriety of the original Demoware. Code was by Martin Young and The Sorcerer, with graphics by Obi.


  • Star Wars - 3d scroller by Martin Young
  • Ballmania - 3d (precalculated) balls by Martin Young
  • Lemmings - short flick-screen animation by Obi
  • Zygnosis - scroller part with rasters and VU meters by Obi/Sorcerer
  • (more?)