Dragon's Gold

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Dragon's Gold
Developer Stephane Daurs & Roland Stokes
Publisher Amsoft / Romik
Musician Unknown
Release 1984
Platform(s) CPC
Genre Shoot-em-up
Game Modes 1 Player
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english

Invade the Dragon's Lair and escape with the treasure in this early shoot-em-up from Romik and Amsoft

Inlay Text

Having heard tales of tremendous riches hidden in an old castle and guarded by a wicked dragon, you set off towards the castle armed with only a simple magic missile spell and carry an empty chest.

You enter th efront door and find your-self in a dusty room, dropping the chest you search the rest of the castle for the treasure.

There are six rooms in the castle with corresponding hazards as follows:

  • 1. Front Room - Dust
  • 2. Bathroom - Soap Bubbles
  • 3. Garden - Spiders
  • 4. Guard Room - Robots
  • 5. Corridor - Moving walls
  • 6. Dragon's Lair - Dragon

You must run through the six rooms, pick up some of th egold in the last room and return to the first room where you must place the gold in the chest. This scores 1000 points. You also score points for killing the various monsters. Good Luck!

Title Screen (Amsoft)
Title Screen (Romik)
Title Screen (Romik)




ACU: Issue 04 (Mar '85) Page 17-18 2 out of 5
CWTA: Issue 05 (May '85) Page 22 no mark

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Compilations & Re-releases



  • Re-released under both the Amsoft and Romik labels, it is unclear which was released first.

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