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The Amstrad LD6000 is a laser printer, from Amstrad GmbH (Amstrad's German subsiduary). The printer was available only in germany (LD is for german "Laser Drucker"). It was probably aimed at PCW or PC users, not for CPC users.


Info from Cliff Lawson

Excerpt from Cliff Lawson's http://web.ukonline.co.uk/cliff.lawson/printers.htm:

The German Laser Drucker 6000 (LD6000)
Back in the mists of time Amstrad sold a successful range of 9 and 24 pin dot matrix printers. Unfortunately customers in the more technically advanced German market were demanding laser printers. Amstrad head office made a concious decision not to develop a laser printer because they are technically very complicated to engineer and at the end of the day they don't generate much profit. Amstrad GmbH (our German subsiduary) were pretty insistent so they went out on their own and contacted Sharp and bought a job lot of printers from them that they rebadged as "Amstrad LD6000".
Because this printer was not designed/supported by the head office here in the UK I'm afraid I cannot offer much help if you are a German customer who has one. I suggest you contact Amstrad GmbH directly but be warned that their office will close in the next few months (almost certainly by the end August 97). What I do know about it was that it emulates an HP Laserjet II so if your question is "Where can I get a Windows 95 driver?" the answer is simply to use the HP LJ II driver. I know for a fact that this works because I've seen one used with it.
If you need a part or consumables for it then I'm afraid I cannot help. You must contact Amstrad in Germany or, failing that, try Sharp's laser printer division.