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Seems to be related to the french Minitel service.

Unclear if/which hardware is included in the Loritel package - the picture shows only a cable... if it is a cable at all... might be a simple belt or strap to be wrapped around the map...?

Possibly, additional hardware has been supplied by the PTT (french Postal, Telephone, Telecommunications service)...?

Translated info from french cpcrulez.fr

LORITEL is certainly one of the oldest linkage maps from computers AMSTRAD to Minitel. Associated with a relatively powerful software, LORITEL offers four main options: DIALOGUE ISSUE, TRANSFER, BACK. DIALOGUE gives access to four options entitled: Network Télétel, Manual, Automatic, Liaison Minitel.

Télétel fact behave Amstrad as a second Minitel screen. It is possible to choose a display screen in manual mode or automatic mode. The difference between these two possibilities is that the first requires the user to press the keyboard to validate a page view while the second performs the operation automatically.

The option "Link" Minitel allows you to make direct conjunction with a holder of Minitel, and access to various opportunities. mode "Edit" is divided into four options are: loading, storage, Visualization and Design, with "load", you can download files. "View" displays a page or print screen. "Establishment" Finally, you can create pages Minitel videotext format, which can be very useful to your own server.

"Transfer" is used to transfer files from one computer to another. This option is divided into two options: receive and transmit. You can send or receive Basic programs, videotext pages, data or text. Warning "text" takes into account only 7 bits per character. Thus, you can send ASCII characters between 0 and 127. By performing a detector ring, Loritel should achieve a mini-server, or rather, an answering machine telematics.

Loritel The price is about 500 F. Loriciel, 81, rue de la Procession, 92500 Rueil Malmaison.