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NB: The download link below was no longer active and has been removed.

Yes!!! We have finally uploaded and are now offering for download the complete archives of Amtix!, Amstrad Action and Amstrad Computer User]!!!

Please do note the following: the server space and bandwidth are donated to the project by Markus, but this doesn't mean it doesn't cost money to run it. So let me take this opportunity to plug for a donation, since the magazine archive is rather big.

Failing that (donating, that is), please do not leech the entire archive, since this will result in a huge bandwidth consumption. This (leeching the entire connection) is not the purpose of this offer. If you want all the issues of all three magazines, then please send an email (gryzor//at//gryzor//.//info should do it) and I will send you a couple of DVDs with the archive, at cost price (that would include the cost of two DVDs and postage, which should be around the €3 mark. If you want you can send me the DVDs yourself) within a couple of days.

Please do take advantage of this offer in order so that we can keep server costs to a minimum.

Gryzor 17:14, 6 May 2007 (CEST)