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Maplin Projects

Complete list of Maplin projects number 1 - 106:

The Amstrad CPC related ones are:

  • Project Number 18 - Amstrad Expansion System Part 1: an external ROM card system for the Amstrad (see Maplin ROM Box)
  • Project Number 19 - Amstrad Expansion System Part 2: describes the 6 x 8-bit parallel I/O Port and PSU Card (see Maplin ROM Box, too.)
  • Project Number 20 - Amstrad 8 Bit Input Port

Additionally, some "general purpose" projects can be customized for use with the CPC (and do include info on how to do that) (for example, the Maplins Weather Satellite Receiver includes CPC source code).

The projects have been offered optionally as plain paper (schematic & instructions), in kit form (components and PCB), and as fully assembled circuit.