Master Machine Code on your Amstrad CPC 464 & 664

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Title: Master Machine Code on your Amstrad CPC 464 & 664
Authors: Jeff Naylor - Diane Rogers
Publisher: Sunshine
Year: 1985
Pages: 148
ISBN: ISBN 0-946408-80-7



1. The Z80

2. Writing code

3. The Hardware and Firmware

4. Machine Code Number Sorting

5. Sorting String Arrays

6. Enhancing Database

7. Graphics - a Circle Routine

8. A Fill Routine

9. Extending BASIC

Appendix 1

Appendix 2



The Amstrad CPC 464 has become established as a reliable, easy to use, low cost home micro, and now it has been joined by the equally appealing 664. In this book Jeff Naylor and Diane Rogers show you howtomake better use of your Amstrad, by programming in machine run much faster, and opens the door on a host of new applications for the CPC464. and 664

The book describes the re want to tackle machine code programming, before giving a detailed view of the hardware of the Amstrad. There are routines to show how to write database program, how to boost the graphics, how to produce graphs, and how to write programs without using the BASIC language at all.

Jeff Naylor and Diane Rogers write with the person who is new to these concepts very much in mmd, so their book will be ideal for newcomers to machine code who would like to expand their use of the computer to encompass machine code.

The Authors

Jeff Naylor and Diane Rogers are the authors of Inside your Spectrum, which was described by What Micro as essential reading for anyone wanting to get into Spectrum machine code programming. Jeff Naylor isa regular contributor to Popular Computing Weekly and other micro magazines.