Nonterraqueous 2 (Soul of a Robot)

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Nonterraqueous 2 by Mastertronic

Nonterraqueous 2 (Soul of a Robot) is a game from Mastertronic


Title: Soul of a Robot (Nonterraqueous 2)
Written by: Stephen Curtis
Company: Action Byte Ltd / Mastertronic
Type: Arcade / Platform
Year: 1985


Set in the aftermath of the failed attempt to destroy the evil computer (Nonterraqueous) - the evil computer has become extremely unstable and could self-destruct and destroy the entire planet as well! The people have built a robot which has the mind of a man and a built-in bomb which will only explode when you reach the evil computers lair (which is somewhere in this 256 screen - 3 section labyrinth).

This game is the sequel to Nonterraqueous. It is followed by Into Oblivion.

Game Play

You control a robot around a 16 x 16 labyrinth looking for the the evil computer - in order to do this you need to navigate past obstacles and robotic protectors. As this maze is broken up into sections, you need to find a key and then a transporter room to move to the next section. To move around you can walk, fly and jump - all have uses depending on the layout of the current room you are in. Killing robotic protectors increases your 'Psyche' and flying decreases it. You can fall as well, so be careful. You start with 5 lives and when your 'Psyche' runs out, you lose a life.





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