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Calculation using lookup table

The calculation is based on a table from 0-90° and on values which are multiplicated by 32767. If you want to get the correct sinus value, you have to divide them by 32767 (you can use 32768 - not a big precision lost, but you can use bit shifting).

Input: HL = angle in degree (0-360°)

Output: HL = SIN(HL) * 32767, A = sign flag (0 if positive, &FF if negative)

LOOP1:	BIT 7, H	;angle positive?
	JR Z, LOOP2	;-> yes, ok
	ADD HL, BC	;else add 360
	JR LOOP1	;repeat until H>0
LOOP2:	OR A		;reset carry
	SBC HL, BC	;angle - 360
	JR NC, LOOP2	;->ok if >=0
	ADD HL, BC	;else correct value
	LD E, L		;angle to DE
	LD D, H
	LD BC, 90
	XOR A		;sign flag = 0
	SBC HL, BC	;angle < 90?
	JR NC, TEST2	;-> no
	EX DE, HL	;else HL = angle
	JR GETTAB	;get table value
TEST2:	SBC HL, BC	;angle < 180?
	JR NC, TEST3	;-> no
	LD HL, 180	;else HL =
	OR A		;180 - angle
	JR GETTAB	;get table value
TEST3:	DEC A		;sign flag &FF
	SBC HL, BC	;angle < 270?
	JR NC, TEST4	;-> no
	EX DE, HL	;else HL =
	OR A		;clear carry
	SBC HL, BC	;angle - 180
	JR GETTAB	;get table value
TEST4:	LD HL, 360	;if angle >=270
	SBC HL, DE	;HL = 360 - angle
GETTAB:	ADD HL, HL	;angle * 2
	LD DE, SINTAB	;+ start table
	ADD HL, DE	;= tableaddress
	LD E, (HL)	;lowbyte to E
	LD D, (HL)	;highbyte to D
	EX DE, HL	;result to HL

;Sinustable for angles between 0..90 degrees

DW 0,572,1144,1715,2286
DW 2856,3425,3993,4560,5126
DW 5690,6252,6813,7371,7927
DW 8481,9032,9580,10126,10668
DW 11207,11743,12275,12803,13328
DW 13848,14364,14876,15383,15886
DW 16384,16876,17364,17846,18323
DW 18794,19260,19720,20173,20621
DW 21062,21497,21925,22347,22762
DW 23170,23571,23964,24351,24730
DW 25101,25465,25821,26169,26509
DW 26841,27165,27481,27788,28087
DW 28377,28659,28932,29196,29451
DW 29697,29934,30162,30381,30591
DW 30791,30982,31163,31335,31498
DW 31650,31794,31927,32051,32165
DW 32269,32364,32448,32523,32587
DW 32642,32687,32722,32747,32762
DW 32767

Calculation using the CORDIC algorithm

Andre Adrian wrote a paper about how to implement the calculation of sin/cos on Z80 CPUs. You can read the paper and find the implementation on his homepage .