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The RetroEuskal 2006 was the 8bit computer sub division of the very big demo party Euskal Encounter 14 (about 3500 computers and 6000 participiants) in Bilbao, Spain. RetroEuskals main organizer is Iñaki Grao, aka "Injaki". Most of the participants are from the Spectrum, the CPC and the MSX.


  • Retromuseum: Were the owners show their machines and talk with interested people. It's also the main meeting point. KaosOverride was responsible for the Amstrad CPC section and showed again his collection including his famouse "CPC-AT" system (CPC in a PC case).
  • Store: For new products, no secondhand allowed. The products are sold in behalf of the producers, no commision is asked. Seems, that there was no store this year, only some SYMBiFACE II cards have been delivered to their buyers.
  • Conference: Spreading the knowledge and passion for all kind of attendants: newbies and experienced people. This year the conference was about Dumas (MSX USB and ethernet extension) and SymbOS (CPC and MSX multitasking operating system).
  • Workshops: Practical workshops conducted for experienced users in the topic. This year they were about the same topics like the Conference (Dumas and SymbOS).
  • The 8 bit hour: 8 bits demoshow on the big screen of the party, also some other videos related to the topic. This year a demo video about SymbOS running on the CPC TREX in 12MHz turbo mode has been showed in the main hall.
  • Brothership dinner: No more fight about the best 8bit platform, now all take the dinner in family. After that the hardcore-part of the participants went out to the nice old town of Bilbao and took too much drinks until 5:00 in the morning without remembering, how they came home after this.


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