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Upgrading a Dk'tronics RAM Expansion

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/* Conversion to Silicon Disc */
In the top left corner you will see two vertical rows of 5 holes (slightly obscured by a resistor). By connecting the top left hole to the bottom right hole, the expansion will then be mapped to banks 4 to 7. This will allow you to use the device as a Silicon disc or to connect two RAM expansions at the same time (only one should be set to banks 4 to 7). You can connect the two holes with a small piece of wire, for permanent conversion, or with a [[Dk%27tronics_Memory_Expansion_Gallery#256k_RAM_Silicon_Disc_for_CPC_464.2F664_-_modified_.28without_separate_ROM_cartridge.29|switch ]] so that the device can be switched back and forth between the two modes.