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[[Image:Star-Division-logo.jpg|thumb|Star-Division logo]]
'''Star-Division''' was a software house from Lüneburg, Germany, founded in 1984 by Marco Börries. Well known for its software ''StarOffice'' , it was bought by ''Sun Microsystems'' at on August 5th, 1999. StarOffice itself developed from the StarWriter word processor, released for the CPC in 1985 and for DOS the year later. When Sun bought StarOffice, they released it as open source under the name OpenOffice, and continued to maintain their own version as StarOffice. The two are now the second most popular productivity suite for Windows, and the most popular for Linux.
== Releases for CPC ==
* [[Mouse Operating System (M.O.S.)]] (1987)
* [[Star-WriterStarWriter]] (1985) == External links == * [ History at] (German-language)* [ Sun StarOffice page]
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