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'''TMP''' (Michel Roserens) was a member of the cpc team [[Unix]]
TMP is the younger brother of Asterix. He started programming at the age
of twelve. He was the programming genius of the three Swiss [[Warlock]], [[Asterix]] and [[TMP]].
Assembler did not have any secrets to him at the age of thirteen and he would have
been the youngest demomaker on the scene at the time.
We will never forget the day when at the [[Euromeeting 1]] meeting he asked [[JLCS]]: "He JL, do
you fancy programming a 'Gump Scroll' with me ? We will never forget JL's expression
on his face asking: "Pardon me, what's a 'Gump Scroll' ?". TMP at his age hadn't
realized that 'Gump Scroll' (Gump = To jump in Swiss German) wasn't known as
a verb outside Switzerland, hehe...
Despite this he was the strongest of the Swiss crew, when it came to coding. He had
the fastest algorithms and knew all the tricks first.
Nobody was surprised to see him graduate as a Computer Engineer from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).
Today he is working in a Swiss bank, is married to his long time girlfriend and father to a cute little daughter.
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