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Pang (cartridge)

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[[File:Pang 1.png|384px|thumb|right]][[File:Pang 2.png|384px|thumb|right]]
A classic CAPCOM arcade game port from OCEAN.
Known as perhaps the best 8 bit port for this game (so say the Amstradists) and of course amongst the best the GX4000/PLUS have to offer..
It is quite faithful to the Arcade.
== Cover ==
Image:Pang-Back.jpg|Back Cover
Image:Pang-Front.jpg|Front Cover
== Cartridge ==
<gallery caption="Pang">
Image:Pang - cara B.jpg|Back Cartridge
Image:Pang - cara A.jpg|Front Cartridge
== Manual ==
You can download in PDF from CPCmania ( See the links ).
== Game ==
You can download in CPR for use in emulators and BIN from CPCmania ( See the links ).
No CPC (old) version of this game exists, but clones do exist.
Longplay by Novabug
Quick Look by Novabug
Gameplay Run-through from xyphoe.
{{#ev:youtube|arN0KALRCds|340}} {{#ev:youtube|4JmJoMbh4gU|340}} {{#ev:youtube|LvS3sWWT4to|340}} {{#ev:youtube|PVECvNaFKDs|340}}
Longplay from xyphoe too.
== Implementation details and use of Plus hardware==
* Mode 0 is used for background and panel
* Plus palette is used for the nice colours in the background
* Plus sprites are used for the plane sprite (on the map), the bubbles/balls and the man
* Plus screen split is used for the panel at the bottom (split is set to line 199, so that the split occurs on line 200)
* Plus pixel by pixel hardware scroll is not used.
* Some sprites are software sprites (weapons, bird)
* Z80 Interrupt mode 2 is used (IVR auto-clear is active. All interrupt vectors point to the same function).
== Links == ( on the games section : GX4000-Games/CPC+ GAMES )Games.htm
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