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[[Category:Emulation Tools]]'''CPCLoaderCPC Loader''' is not an emulator exactly. '''CPCGamesCD''' is the main objective of CPCLoaderCPC Loader: a CDRom CDROM containing a navigable database with all the games of the Amstrad/Schneider CPC, similar to Mame32MameUI, including screenshots of the games and information about publisher, year, and type of game(sports, action,...). <br>
But '''CPC Loader''' is not only a frontend. It includes tools for extracting and creating dsk images and creating new games collections. WinApe, JavaCPC, CPCE and the internal emulators (Caprice32 v4 and Arnold 2002) support the autotype feature: if you want to play a game just select and enter it in the Explore window and it will run automatically. This removes the need to type ''run"gamename.bas"'' etc.<br>
But '''CPCLoaderCPC Loader''' is not only a frontend. It includes tools for extract/create dsk images developed by Troels K and create new games collections. The internal emulators (Caprice32 '''CPCGamesCD''' and Arnold at the moment) support autotype feature: if you want to play a game only select it in the Explore window and it loads automatically !!its screenshots are compiled by MiguelSky.
'''CPCLoader''' is developed by TroelsK and Last '''CPCGamesCD''' and its screenshots are compiled by MiguelSky.update: 30/03/2020:
Last * Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 3 by Troels K!!* Includes NVG games update: 24/06/2007:21.03.2020!!*Frontend CPCLoader 1Includes NVG maps update 21.603.3 by TroelsK2020 and more!!*Includes NVG apps update 21.03.2020 and more!!* PCW games update 10/06/2007(231 games). Thanks, PCWWIKI!!*Includes Snap-Pack with ALL the captures by MiguelSky (3.4644783 images)!!*New Added version of CPCE (1.81), WinCPC (02.9.26) and WinApe (2.0a12) emulators8f of JavaCPC Desktop emulator!!*Improved categorizationAdded version 1.8.5 of PCW emulator!!
== Web Links ==
== Web Links ==*[ CPCGamesCD homepage] *CPCGamesCD mirror at [ CPCWiki forum]*[ CPCGamesCD cover] *[ CPC Loader homepage] *[ CPC Loader change log]<br>
* [http://cpcgamescd/ CPCGamesCD homepage] down for now, but you can download it [httpCategory:// hereEmulation_Tools]!!! * [ CPCLoader homepage]