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I'll get around to writing some more stuff here over the next couple of weeks, but for now, just a list of my various projects and productions.<br>
=CPC Stuff=
* [[CPCEMU]] - I wrote this and called it CPCEMU before I'd heard of CPCEMU by Marco Veith. Now commonly known as RWCPC<br>
* [[WinAPE]]<br>
* [[JEMU]]<br>
==Serious Software==
* [[Xexor]] - Disc editor and copy utility<br>
* [[ParaDOS]] - Extended DOS, replacement for AMSDOS with built-in utilities<br>
* [[Electro Forth]] - A complete Forth implementation I developed for fun<br>
* [[ZACK]] - Unfinished game creator software. Everything got finished except the sound/FX and completed game loader/multi-load code.<br>
* [[Electro Invaders]]<br>
* [[Kiloroid]] - 1K Asteroids for Minigame competition<br>
* [[KTris]] - 1K Tetris clone for Minigame competition<br>
* [[4KRoids]] - 4K version of Kiloroids. Unfinished, but playable.<br>
* The River Scroll demo<br>
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