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== The 464 ==
[[Image:464.png|right|thumb|250px|Amstrad CPC [[464]] with colour monitor]]
First came the CPC464, the father of the CPC family, released during the summer of 1984 (with production ceasing in 1990). This model used an integrated tape recorder and used 64KB or RAM. It sold around 2 million units in Europe and, technologically-wise, was quite higher than the ZX Spectrum and on a similar level with the Commodore c64 (with the notable exception of the sound chip; while the c64 employed the splendid SID chip, Amstrad opted for a generic sound chip - AY-3-8912 - with unremarkable features). At its core one would find a [[Z80]] clocked at 4MHz while the display was managed by the 6845 CRTC along with a gate-array chip.
The CPC464sported a palette of 27 colours and three distinct resolutions: 160x200x16 colours (mode 0), 320x200x4 colours (mode 1) and 640x200x2 colours (mode 2, 80-column mode).
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