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Ocean Software

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/* Releases for CPC */
* [[Red Heat]]
* [[Robocop]]
* [[Robocop 2]]* [[Robocop 3]]* [[Run for Gold]]* [[Run the Gauntlet]]* [[Shadow Warriors]]* [[Short Circuit]]* [[Short Circuit 2]]* [[Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants ]] * [[Sly Spy]]* [[Smash TV]]* [[Space Gun]]* [[Street Hawk]]* [[Super Test Decathlon]]* [[Super Wondeboy in Monsterland]]* [[Superbowl]]* [[Tai Pan]]* [[Tank]]* [[Target Renegade]]* [[Terminator 2]]* [[Toki]]* [[Top Gun]]* [[Total Recall ]] * [[Track & Field]]* [[Typhoon]]* [[The Untouchables]]* [[V - The Visitors]]* [[The Vindicator]]* [[Where Time Stoods Still]]* [[Wizball]]* [[World Cup Carnival 86]]* [[WWF Wrestlemania Challenge]]
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