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/* Releases */
== Releases ==
* Adidas Championship Football * Adidas Championship Tie Break* Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh* Batman * Batman - The Movie* Batman the Caped Crusader* Battle Command* Beach Volley* Burnin' Rubber* Cabal* Chase HQ* Cobra Stallone* Combat School* Daley Thompson's Decathlon* Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge* Daley Thompson's Supertest* Darkman* Donkey Kong* Frankie goes to Hollywood* Galvan* Ghengis Khan* Gilligan's Gold* Gryzor* Head Over Heels* Highlander* Hudson Hawk* Hunchback * Hunchback 2* Hunchback the Adventure* It's a Knockout * Knight Bride* Knight Rider* Kong Strikes Back* Madballs* Mario Bros. * Match Day* Matchday 2* Miami Vice* Midnight Resistance* Mutants* Narc* Navy Seals* Never Ending Story * Night Breed* Nomad* Operation Thunderbolt* Operation Wolf* Pang* Phantom Club* Platoon * Plotting* Puzznic* Rainbow Islands* Rambo - First Blood 2* Rambo 3 * Rastan* Red Heat* Robocop* Robocop 2* Robocop 3* Run for Gold* Run the Gauntlet* Shadow Warriors* Short Circuit* Short Circuit 2* Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants * Sly Spy* Smash TV* Space Gun* Street Hawk* Super Test Decathlon* Super Wondeboy in Monsterland* Superbowl* Tai Pan* Tank* Target Renegade* Terminator 2* The Addams Family* The Great Escape* The New Zealand Story* The Untouchables* The Vindicator* Toki* Top Gun* Total Recall * Track & Field* Typhoon* V - The Visitors* Where Time Stoods Still* Wizball* World Cup Carnival 86* WWF Wrestlemania Challenge