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Kangaroo MusiQue

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[[Image:Kangaroo.jpg|thumb|Kangaroo MusiQue of HJT in the early 90s]] [[Image:Kanga-2006.jpg|thumb|Kangaroo MusiQue in 2006]] [[Image:6128plus fr en kanga.jpg|thumb|Kangaroos airbrushed CPC6128+]]
'''Kangaroo MusiQue''' of [[HJTSPRING]] (Thorsten Norman Mitschele) aka Ghostbuster & RUN/STOP was born at 29.07.1971 in Stuttgart, Germany. He composed about 450 tunes on the Schneider/Amstrad CPC by using the [[Soundtrakker]] from [[New Age Software]]. A lot of the tunes were used in CPC-Demos from different groups, also he composed some tunes for CPC and Nintendo Gameboy Games, programmed by [[Elmsoft]] ([[EGS]]) published by Titus Software in France.
== Membership ==