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/* The Plus series */
[[Image:cpc6128plus.jpg|left|thumb|200px|Amstrad [[Plus|CPC6128+]] with colour monitor]]
The last models in the CPC Amstrad 8bits range were the CPC464Amstrad 464+ and CPC6128Amstrad 6128+, launched together in 1990. It couln't be called "CPC" because Amstrad were sued by another firm still using it. Described as a solution of 'too little, too late', this was Amstrad's effort to prolong the life of its 8-bit computer series in the face of fierce competition from new 16-bit machines (notably, the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga). The CPC+ plus series were mostly (but not quite 100%) compatible with the original CPC computers, and incorporated a list of new features, like a cartridge port for instant program loading, a better sound chip, DMAfor the AY soundchip (managed with another Z80), hardware scrolling, 64 (?) programmable interruptions, 16 hardware zoomable sprites of 32 (not vectorized) with 15 other colours eachthan the bitmap palette, and a palette of 4096 colours all in a new, sleek case which reminded the higher-end machines. While the CPC+ "Amstrad Plus" computers were arguably one of the best 8-bit computers ever built for the mass market, they died a natural death as the 16-bit era had trully and well set in.
== The GX4000 ==
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