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'''CBM''' is not part of the ROM based 64 KB core OS itself. Its provided as Z80 source code that can be used to create new programs for [[FutureOS|FutureOS]]. The well documented source code can be downloaded from the official FutureOS-Homepage. Therefore it's possible to adapt / use CBM for any of your self written FutureOS programs.
When using CBM for programs, then these program programs can have nearly the same appearance. This makes it easy to work with different programs, because the generic appearence is the same and the basic functions are located at the same positions.
Examples for programs using CBM are the [[FuturePlayer|MP3-Player]], the Sprite Converter [[GMSK|GMSK]], the map and playground editor [[GSED|GSEd]], the sprite manager [[Kane|Kane]] and some other applications for [[FutureOS|FutureOS]].
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