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Siren Software

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[[Category:CPC related companies]]'''Siren Software ''' was a long-established and successful vendor of CPC hardware and software.
Founded by Simon Cobb, who had previously worked for [[Ocean]] Software, the company sold Simon's own programs, those of others, and some where the rights were purchased from other companies.
The company continues to trade specializing in video editing for PCs.
[[image:Siren AA100.jpg|thumb|right|150px|Advertisement in Amstrad Action (issue 100)]]
== Hardware ==
* 3.5in disc drives
* Disc interface unit (like the DDI-1)
* [[Sound Blaster]] (Stereo Amplifier/Speakers)
== Software ==
* [[Cherry Paint]]
* [[Copytape]]
* [[Discology]] (english English version)* [[Discovery]]
* [[Discovery Plus]]
* [[Handyman]]
* [[Tape Utility]]
The company continues to trade as == Links == [ Siren Technology], specialising in video editing for PCs. [[Category:CPC related companies]]