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The GSEd (Grafischer Spielfeld Editor, Graphic Playground /Matrix Editor) is an application for the creation of maps / playgrounds / matrixes for 2D and 3D games. It runs under [[FutureOS|FutureOS]]. It has the following ... [[File:GSED_1.jpg|630px|thumb|left|Main Menu]]  [[File:GSED_4.jpg|300px|thumb|Load Source Gfx]] [[File:GSED_2.jpg|300px|thumb|Assign Attributes]] [[File:GSED_3.jpg|300px|thumb|Manage GEs]]
*Load screens to use them as source for graphic elements (GEs)* Cut GEs (graphic elements) out of 17 KB or [[OCP]] screens (compressed). One GE has 16 * 16 Pixel (Mode 0) and is the basic element of the matrix of every game.
*Create collections (GE sets) of up to 128 different GEs. One GE set is 16 KB in size and has the file extension .GEs
*Create maps of up to 8190 GEs per map. One matrix-file / map-file is 16 KB in size and has the extension .Fld
*[[Return of the Sisters|Return of the Sisters]]
*39 Seconds
== Web links ==
Download GSEd at (download section)
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