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Paul Kooistra

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[[Paul Kooistra]] (AKA Axelay) Author of Modern Games : *[[Star Sabre]], (2007) : an impressive horizontal [[Shoot them Up]]. *[[Star Sabre |Star Sabre 128K]] (2009) : en extended version of the same game using 128K RAM. *[[Dead on Time]] (2010) : another completely different multi-directional [[Shoot them Up]] with a heavy empathy on the High-Score burst. Those games are renowned for their smooth and fast animation, and high level of difficulty, yet are considered the best [[Shoot them Up]]s available on CPC.  Known for additional contributions to his games are : *[[Supersly]] (AKA Sylvestre/Les Sucres en Morceaux). *[[Targhan]] *others   ''(this page is a stub and would need some improuvement from peoples who know better, or even from the man himself...)'' 
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