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Ocean Software

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Although they developed and supported a number of original games and ideas, they will be forever associated in the mind of the casual game with their [[Licenced games|TV & Movie licence games]] and ports of the latest arcade hits from [[Konami]] and [[Taito]], the latest of which Ocean always seemed to be advertising up to six months in advance of release in the magazines of the day!
By the time the CPC had arrived on the scene, Ocean had already beaten their North-East rivals '''Imagine''' who had overreached themselves in the battle for supremacy. Ocean took on the brand name for themselves and made a number of key releases on the label in the following years. Simply put, however, every release on the Imagine label for the CPC was in fact made by Ocean.
As well as Imagine, Ocean developed the '''Hit Squad''' label as a budget house to re-release their old titles (along with a number of other titles by third parties).