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Mini-Max Modem

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The following description was found on an eBay listing:
"This is an Original Extremely rare 1200 bps modem for the Amstrad CPC series of computers. The package consists of a serial ROM interface containing [[KDS Electronics Serial Interface]] (which also contains the KDS Comm 5 softwarein ROM), once plugged into the expansion bus of the Amstrad the ROM is immediatly recognised and starts up the Comms software for the Modem from the integrated ROM. A lead is supplied to comnnect the actual Modem to the ROM Interface.
"The Modem comes with a built in mains connection lead and standard telephone lead, Once plugged into the mains and connected to the interface and a telephone connection the modem is ready for use, all software is built into the interface no discs or tapes are required (or supplied).
== Reviews ==
This modem is probably the same as the ''KDS Communicator 104'' reviewed in the Danish Amstrad Magazine [[Amstradbladet 1985, Issue 6]] page [[:File:Amstrad Bladet8506033.jpg|35]].* None?
== See Also == * [[KDS Communicator 104]] - another modem from KDS (differences are: the controls and LEDs on the front plates, and the connection: The Communicator 104 connects directly to the expansion port, without serial RS232 interface). [[Category:HardwareNetwork]]