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KDS Electronics

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== Hardware ==
* [[KDS Electronics Serial Interface|KDS Serial Interface]](1/1985) (9/1986: new version with Comms Pak software)* [[KDS Power Controller]]* [[KDS 5¼" Disc DriveTwin 8bit I/O Port]](1/1985) (4/1986 advert says it uses Z80APIO)* [[KDS 8-Bit Printer Port]](4/1985) (4/1986 advert says (new version?) without power input needed)* [[KDS ROM Board]](7/1985: original version for 4 roms) (4/1986: new version for 5 roms)* [[KDS Communicator 104]] (7/1985) (this modem connects directly to the CPC's expansion port)* [[KDS Power Controller]] (4/1986)* KDS Serial and Parallel Port (4/1986) (for PCW, not for CPC)* KDS Printer T Switch (4/1986)* [[Mini-Max Modem|KDS Mini-Max Modem]] (9/1986) (this modem connects via RS232 interface)* Serial and Parallel Port[[KDS 5¼" Disc Drive]] (19xx ?)* Printer T SwitchKDS Chatterbox (for PCW, not for CPC)
== Software ==