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I think the maximum file size currently is 512KB (19bit). I couldn't find any possibilities to load data from files, which are bigger than 512KB. Why is 16MB/24bit mentioned in the article? Also a planned feature for the future? -- [[User:Prodatron|Prodatron]] 17:02, 9 August 2006 (CEST)
The maximum file-size depends on the free space on disc-hard-disc or it is limited by a 24 Bit file-length code. Just look at the manual. You can use routines like TEILA or TEISI to load or save files greater then 576 KB. TFM
== Looks good now ==
How to plug for something, which costs no money?
:: I can also get different religions for free, nevertheless I want that someone tells me in a fundamentalistic way why his religion is best. The fact that something is free doesn´t mean that the wiki rules don´t have to be respected.