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/* Comparison */
While some ports used different palette (the TO8 often using the AtariST/16bit version palette when available) other games were simply straight ports with no alteration in palette from CPC to TO8.
Mostly when the CPC palette was largely adequat.
*TO8 version :
[[File:Bactron TO8.png]]
*CPC version :
[[File:Bactron CPC.png]]
*TO8 version :
[[File:Iznogoud on TO8.png]]
*CPC version :
[[File:Iznogoud on CPC.png]]
In the case of this game (Iznogoud) the TO8 version includes extra features that are available on Atari ST version (and perhaps IBM PC too) but not on the Amstrad CPC due to the CPC464 version's limitation.
TO8 had an impressive 256K Ram that Amstrad users could only dream for to be available from the shelf and used by software companies...
The few games who got a TO8 version alongside the CPC version could easily get a PLUS upgrade just by using the same colours as the TO8 version is this one had a specific palette.