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Roland in the Caves

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|{{Infobox GameGamebase Entry|Image = [[Image:RolandInTheCaves_FrontCoverRoland_in_the_Caves_(Title).jpgpng|center|300px|Roland in the Caves front cover]]|Developer = [[Paco Suarez]], [[Juanjo Redondo]]|Publisher = [[Amsoft]], [[IndescompLoading Screen]]
|Release = [[:Category:Games 1984|1984]]
|Platform Publisher = [[Amstrad CPCAmsoft]]|CPCDeveloper = [[Indescomp]], |Programmer = [[Paco Suarez]]|Musician = Unknown|Artist = [[ZX SpectrumJuanjo Redondo]]
|Genre = [[:Category:Platform game|Platformer]]
|GameModes Players = Single player1P Only
|Controls = {{Keyboard}}
|Language = {{EN}}, {{ES}}, {{DE}}
|Media = {{Disk}} {{Tape}}
|Language Compatability = [[464]], [[664]], [[6128]] & [[Plus]]|Magazine Reviews= [[ACU Issue 01 (Aug/Sep 1984)|No Mark - ACU 01 (Aug/Sep 84)]]<br> [[Amstrad Action, Issue 1, Oct 1985|49% - AA 001 (Oct 85)]]<br> [[Amtix, Issue 1, November 1985|47% - Amtix 01 (Nov 85)]]|Info = {{EN}} {{ES}} {{DE}}
A conversion of [[Indescomp]]'s [[ZX Spectrum]] hit ''Bugaboo the Flea'', '''''Roland in the Caves''''' was many a frustrated gameplayer's first encounter with Alan Sugar's machine thanks to its being bundled as a giveaway with the CPC464 in 1985.== Overview ==
A conversion of [[Indescomp]]'s [[ZX Spectrum]] hit ''Bugaboo the Flea'', '''''Roland in the Caves''''' was many a frustrated gameplayer's first encounter with [[Alan M. Sugar|Alan Sugar's]] machine thanks to its being bundled as a giveaway with the [[464|CPC464]] in 1985. == Description Plot ==
You are far ahead in time, the year 2464 AD and your Space Time Machine has landed on an alien planet, and being of an inquisitive nature, you decide to explore it. You have been gifted with a special kind of power that aids you when you are exploring strange planets. You are able to mutate into the alien beings' form. On this mysterious planet of Ivorus, the beings are minute and flea-like with amazing jumping powers. However, during your exploration, you take an unexpected trip and fall down and down and down through a deep and dark pot hole into a strange cave. All around you are flesh-eating plants, not to mention a hungry pterodactyl......
When you eventually get out of the cave, the score is multiplied by a number which depends on the game skill level.
== Ratings Screenshots & Videos ==
In perhaps a tiny overstatement, ''[[Amstrad Computer User]]'' declared that <gallery caption="One of Roland in the most original and brilliant games of all time has been further enhanced by Caves">Image:Roland in the pixel precision of the CPC464Caves 2." Take that with a truckload of salt - such was common practice png|Menu ScreenImage:Roland in the early days of ''ACU'' keeping on Caves 1.png|At the good side Bottom of the boss was always a good idea!Cave</gallery>
To slightly less biased reviewing then and ''[[Amstrad Action]]'' felt compelled to point out that there was no variation in task and far from pixel precision, the game had "Jumpy graphics and scrolling."{{#ev:youtube|_0zfauOMIMM|375}} {{#ev:youtube|R4VKgtesN8I|375}}
With their considerable Speccy background, ''[[Amtix]]'' acknowledged that there had been an improvement over ''Bugaboo'' but questioned the longetivity of the game feeling that although "getting to the top of the cave can be very enjoyable as well as taking a lot of practice but once you have mastered the technique of timing the jumps == Re-releases and their strenght, the game loses much of its point."Compilations ==
{|{{Prettytable|width: 700px; font-size: 2em;}}|ACU:|| Issue 01 (Aug/Sep '84)|| Page 17|| no mark|-|AA:|| Issue 01 (Oct '85)|| Page 67|| 49%|-|Amtix:|| Issue 01 (Nov '85)|| Page 43|| 47%|-|}None
== Cheats Hints & Tips =====Map===
<gallery caption="Roland in the Caves">
Image:Roland in the caves map.jpg|Map (ZX Spectrum Version- ''(Courtesy of World of Spectrum)''
''(Courtesy of CPC Power)''
*Hold Down SHIFT+A to progress to the next level.
== Trivia ==
*Also released on the [[ZX Spectrum]] as ''Bugaboo the Flea''* Part of the original [[464|CPC464 ]] bundle - the twelve programmes given away by [[Amsoft ]] with the machine.
* Released in Spain by [[Indescomp]] as ''La Pulga''
* Allegedly suggested as a joke when being shown the game, [[Alan M. Sugar |Alan Sugar]] thought that the character should be renamed 'Roland' after lead [[464 ]] designer [[Roland Perry]]. He was taken at his word, [[Indescomp ]] rebranded '''''Roland in the Caves''''' and one of their other launch titles (''[[Roland on the Ropes|Fred]]'') to incorporate the character - a mascot was born! == By the same author == The following game was also written by [[Paco Suarez]]: * [[The Galactic Plague]] (1984) == Screenshots == <gallery caption="Roland in the Caves"> Image:Roland in the Caves 2.png|Menu ScreenImage:Roland in the Caves 1.png|At the Bottom of the Cave </gallery> == Videos =={{#ev:youtube|_0zfauOMIMM|375}} {{#ev:youtube|R4VKgtesN8I|375}}
== Other materials Gallery ==
<gallery caption="Roland in the Caves">
* {{WorldOfSpectrum|0000739|Link to World of Spectrum}}
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