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The CPC's longest-running fanzine and user group, WACCI was based in Britain and it catered mostly for serious users.
Its acronym has never been satisfactorily explainedalthough the official WACCI explanation was that it stood for World Amstrad Computer Club International.
According to However, [[Jeff Walker]], who was the original founder, said he always thought the name would be good for a magazine and that he used it without any intention of it being an acronym at all.
He had always thought that name would be good for As well as a (more or less) regular paper-based magazine , WACCI also provided a [[PD library]] (of mostly [[CP/M]] software) and used it without any intention of it being an acronym at allalso had a 'homebrew' library.
(The official WACCI explanation is that it stood for World Some of the CPC's best writers, such as [[Auntie John]], were contributors to early WACCIs and one of Amstrad Computer Club International)Action's finest journalists, [[ChaRleyTroniC|Richard Fairhurst]], was its final editor.
As well as The decline in serious use of the CPC inevitably led to a (more or less) regular magazine, WACCI also provided a PD library (petering out of mostly CP/M software) the publication and a 'homebrew' librarythe last issue - number 140 - was published in the Summer of 2003.
Some of the CPC's best writers, such as [[Auntie John]], were contributors to early WACCIs. However, the decline in serious use of the CPC inevitably led to a petering out of publication. The last issue was summer 2003, issue 140. Though WACCI was solely a paper fanzine, a A spin-off disczine, [[EuroWACCI]], existed for six issues.
== WACCI editors ==
The following issues have been scanned (PDF 200x200 format):
*[[Media:Wacci 82 200x200.pdf|September/October 1994(Issue 82)]]*[[Media:Wacci 83 200x200.pdf|November 1994(Issue 83)]]*[[Media:Wacci 84 200x200.pdf|December 1994(Issue 84)]]*[[Media:Wacci 85 200x200.pdf|January 1995(Issue 85)]]*[[Media:Wacci 86 200x200.pdf|February 1995(Issue 86)]]*[[Media:Wacci 87 200 x 200.pdf|March 1995(Issue 87)]]<!-- wasn't concentrating when put space characters in filename -->*[[Media:Wacci 103 200x200.pdf|August 1996(Issue 103)]]*[[Media:Wacci 104 200x200.pdf|September 1996(Issue 104)]]*[[Media:Wacci 105 200x200.pdf|October 1996(Issue 105)]]*[[Media:Wacci 107 200x200.pdf|December 1996(Issue 107)]]
== Covers ==
<gallery caption="WACCI">
Image:Wacci 001.jpg|Issue 001 (oct 19851986)
Image:Wacci 002.jpg|Issue 002 (nov 1986)
Image:Wacci 003.jpg|Issue 003 (dec 1986)
Image:Wacci 078.jpg|Issue 078 (may 1994)
Image:Wacci 079.jpg|Issue 079 (jun 1994)
Image:Wacci 080.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 80|Issue 80 (jul 1994)]]
Image:Wacci 081.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 81|Issue 81 (aug 1994)]]
Image:Wacci 085.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 85|Issue 85 (jan 1995)]]
Image:Wacci 086.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 86|Issue 86 (feb 1995)]]
Image:Wacci 087.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 87|Issue 087 87 (mar 1995)]]Image:Wacci 088.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 088 88|Issue 88 (apr 1995)]]Image:Wacci 089.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 089 89|Issue 89 (may 1995)]]Image:Wacci 090.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 090 90|Issue 90 (jun 1995)]]Image:Wacci 091.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 091 91|Issue 91 (jul 1995)]]
Image:Wacci 092.jpg|Issue 092 (aug/sep 1995)
Image:Wacci 093.jpg|Issue 093 (oct 1995)
Image:Wacci 102.jpg|Issue 102 (jul 1996)
Image:Wacci 103.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 103|Issue 103 (aug 1996)]]
Image:Wacci 104.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 104|Issue 104 (sep 1996)]]Image:Wacci 105.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 105|Issue 105 (oct 1996)]]Image:Wacci 106.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 106|Issue 106 (nov 1996)]]Image:Wacci 107.jpg|[[Wacci Issue 107|Issue 107 (dec 1996)]]
Image:Wacci 108.jpg|Issue 108 (jan 1996)
Image:Wacci 109.jpg|Issue 109 (feb 1996)
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