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{{Template[[Category:stub}}Network]]Informally known as 'csa8', this Usenet newsgroup is devoted to all Amstrad 8-bit machines, including the PCW range, GX4000 and NC100/200.
Commonly known The group came into being in 4th August 1994. The RFC and CFV were written by [[Genesis_8|Emmanuel Roussin]] after an idea by [[LDC|David Long]] and [[Marco Vieth]]. Since then, most traffic has consistently been CPC-related. Contributors have included [[Cliff Lawson]] from [[Amstrad]] and [[Richard Clayton]] from [[Locomotive Software]], numerous demo coders and fanzine editors, and several magazine writers. Established at a time when there were few CPC websites and no discussion boards, the group enabled CPC news to be broadcast instantly (such as [ the closure of Amstrad Action]) and even, in a modest way, played its own part in CPC affairs in later years (such as [ the resignation of Paul Dwerryhouse from WACCI]). The newsgroup is now, in 2018, almost inactive, in it'csa8s heyday it had many messages per day, but now traffic can go up and down in an unpredictable manner; sometimes weeks will pass by without a single message, sometimes there will be several messages within the same day. So don't ever assume it's dead - it's merely resting. A spin-off IRC channel, this #csa8, was briefly in existence. == Posters == Like any other newsgroup is devoted , csa8 has had its fair share of trolls, kooks and just plain nutters. Perhaps the best known was RCKCLMR13, a militantly American poster who would frequently post long tirades of "Brit"-baiting. His comments relating to all Amstrad 8 bit machinesthe CPC were usually restricted to unfavourable comparisons with the Commodore 64. [ According to Google], including the PCW range most prolific posters since the group was founded were [[Brian Watson]], [[ChaRleyTroniC|Richard Fairhurst]], [[Cliff Lawson]], [[David Cantrell]], [[Ratz|Simon Matthews]], and GX4000Phil Stewart. Most traffic is CPC-related == Links == * [ csa8 via Google Groups interface]