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=== Donors ===
These people were kind enough to donate. All contributions went go to pay the hosting expenses with full transparency. You can check out this year'''directly''' to our previous host, not our own pockets! s donors [ here].
'''If you would like to donate us, please contact the admin-team in our forum. This will ensure the continuation of the project.'''
Thank you!
'''2011:''' [[User:Bryce|Bryce]] (€75)<br>
'''2009:''' Prodatron (€1000)<br>Nurgle (€30)<br>Serge Querné (€30)<br>Roald Strauss (€50)<br>
'''Donators from earlier years'''<br>
*[[User:Bryce|Bryce]], Prodatron, Nurgle, Serge Querné, Roald Strauss, Bert Post Uiterweer, [[Rex|Rex]] of [[BENG!|BENG!]], [[Robcfg|Robcfg]], [[Prodatron|Prodatron]], [[User:Gryzor|Gryzor]], [[User:Ervin|Ervin]]
Thanks so much guys!</div>