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/* Range and products */
the MO5 had quite a lot of different versions sold.
MO5 was first released with rubber keyboard.
Then it had a more proper hard plastic mechanical keyboard, which was also supplied in a collector "Michel Platini" white casing..
MO5 E had a different casing and was aimed at export.
*TO7 and TO7/70
*MO6 : 128K Ram and built in Tape driver.
MO5NR was actually a MO6 with in-built NanoReseaux all cased in a MO5E casing, hence no in-built Tape Driver as it was supposed to be in network with a TO model as netserver..
*TO8 and TO8D : 256K Ram and Built-in 3"1/2 Disk drive for the TO8D version (D=Disk)
*TO9 and TO9+ : professionnal professional casing with separate Keyboard and Central unit. The "+" version has an in-built Modem.
'''PC compatible :'''
'''Olivetti :'''
Some Thomson MO6 were sold in Italy, breanded as Olivetti prodest PC128
'''Funny Stuff :'''