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* '''Part 7''' was an all-time classic. There was a 16x16 scroll with music, supposedly coded by Obi. However, if you took a sector editor to it, you found that Obi's scrolltext was inexplicably followed by a short section of German, crediting the 42-Crew. Surely it couldn't have been ripped? On pressing a key, a Vorspann scroll started up, followed by the 16x16 scroll again with Obi's memorable offer to swap his GT65 for your CTM644.
* Finally, '''part 8''' was a credits message with (gasp) Vorspann rasters behind it.
== Reviews ==
In the never-released issue 8 of [[Artificial Intelligence]], a review of Demoware contained this classic quote:
"Bitmap Vandals Demoware has been variously described as crap, shite, utter toss and the best program in Demon PD"
== Parody ==
A parody of Demoware was released called Demowank, which was effectively the same demo but with altered scrolltexts.