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Malfunction (Malcolm Dowse) was a coder and member of [[The Firm]]. Initially writing the rather simple looking BASIC game The Smiley Affair, he raised his game at a rate of knots. He was going to code [[Bad Mag]] issue three but left the scene shortly after coding half of it, giving the unreleased texts to [[Slice]] to use in [[Donut Mag]]. He was also responsible for the coding of the routine that displayed bold, italic, and double height text in Donut Mag.

== Possibly incomplete list of releases ==

* [[Bad Mag]] issue three taster (A demo to garner interest for Bad Mag issue three)
* [[Battle Spheres]] (Two player game that came after The Smiley Affair - due to people raving about the intro which was a huge step from his previous production, he assumed people didn't actually like his game but only liked the intro, which was false)
* [[The Smiley Affair]] (Excellent two player game)
* Some demo that was similar to the [[Zap't'Balls]] menu screen (Can anybody remember the name? It was great)