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Beau Jolly

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Confrontation with the CPC scene
*16. [[The Tolkien Trilogy]] (1989)
*17. [[Big Box]] (1991)
== The Beau Jolly - CPC community incident ==
Back ca. 2006 the CPC Zone received threats about legal action requesting that all references to the company be taken down. In response this page here was created with nothing but the name of the company, typed over and over again. The details have been forgotten with the shutting down of the Zone, but as Nich [ recalls]:
"The discussion was on the CPC Zone forums, and it was so funny at the time!
From what I remember, some American guy was selling educational games with a religious theme under the name of Computer Classics, and was trying to get CPC Zone to remove all mention of Beau Jolly's compilation, Computer Classics because he believed it infringed his trademark. He was also trying to get in touch with Beau Jolly about the same issue. He made repeated demands on the forum, but he just could not comprehend that:
1) Beau Jolly's compilation was released back in 1987 - some years before his own trademark was registered,
2) Beau Jolly stopped selling their compilation a long time ago,
3) CPC Zone was just listing historical information about CPC games.
It's a shame that the discussion wasn't archived, because the American guy gave all of us CPC Zone readers some great entertainment! In the end, Malc Jennings (the CPC Zone webmaster - you remember him, don't you? ) reckoned that he was doing this to try to create publicity for his own Computer Classics software - although if that was true, it was a very strange way to do it."
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