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Guide for HxC SD Version

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/* DSK convertion to HFE */ Working with files
DSKs need to be converted to the HFE file format before being put on the SD card. "LOAD" the DSK in the Software and "Export" it to HFE file. Batch converison is also possible with the "Convert" button. <br>
If you need to get a HFE file converted back to DSK then "load" the HFE and "Export" it to DSK file.
Word of caution: when you do a batch convert of DSK files in a directory, set a different folder as the target dir. Otherwise the HxC covnersion program will loop through all the files in the source folders, find the newly converted files (*.hfe) and try to convert them again. You'll end up with files with .hfe.hfe.hfe.hfe (etc) extensions taking up lots and lots of space.
Note that because disk access on the CPC through the Manager software is quite slow, it's not adviseable to put all the converted DSKs into a single directory if you've got many of them. Just create subdirectories in any meaningful way - by type, alphabetically, that sort of thing. This will greatly speed up your work flow.
=== File sorting ===
When you open the contents of an SD card on your PC your system reorders the files before showing them to you, according to your file manager preferences (usually, alphabetically). However, on devices like the HxC floppy emulator, this re-sorting is not done because of limited resources; what you're left with is a list of files with the sorting the SD card provides. This sorting (on the SD card) is done on a date basis and will not be very convenient. Sure, if you add a new file this file will go straight to the top of the list you see on the CPC, but it's not useful when you're going through a big list of files to find the one you want.
A workaround for this is to touch the dates of the files on the SD's FAT. There are utilities out there that do that. You can try these:
*[ Drivesort] (Windows)
*[ YAFS - Yet Another File Sorter] (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
*[ FATsort] (Linux, BSD, MacOS - included in Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo.
== Drive configuration ==