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Amstrad PC

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Those cheap IBM compatible PCs allowed the professionnal [[PC]] standard to enter many houses as a Home computer. The first and best known is the Amstrad PC1512 (and its upgraded version the PC1640).
This palette could have been great on an Amstrad CPC...
With high resolution like 640x200x16 or whole EGA 640x200x16 or 640x350x16, those Amstrad PC1512 or PC1640 could display better graphics on a color Screen than the only 16colours limited palette would indicate, but it wasn't very exploited and the CGAmstrad from Pc1512 could be on the slow side due to the huge amount of VRAM used for the special mode and being a PC-XT spec machine.
[[File:EGA cubic palette1.png]]
[[File:Palette PC1512 montage.png]]
== Games that support the PC1512 custom video-mode ==
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