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Hi Bryce. Why did you delete the Category:FutueOS. FutureOS is running on the MegaROM, or is it not?

Yes, but you don't seriously want to add the category FutureOS to every single piece of hardware that works with FOS do you? In that case, you would have to add it to every ROMBoard, then you would have to add a SymbOS category to them too, then a MAXAM category..... etc. The categories don't make sense if they are over-used or used as links.
Well, it make only sense if there is a connection between hardware and software. In this case we can let it like it is. However it would help people to find needed hardware in the FutureOS category. So if somebody searches a ROM board f. e. to run FutureOS, just take a look in the category. On the other hand this may not be the sense of a category.--TFM 19:30, 18 July 2011 (CEST)