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A combat helicopter flight simulator based on the Apache AH-64A. Written by D.K. Marshall and adapted for the CPC by Darrell D. With 4 missions to complete starting with training, before moving on to the 3 combat missions. Players could also choose day or night scenarios, clear or cloudy weather, cloud height and even wind and turbulence levels. Four pilot ratings were available, starting from trainee up to ace pilot, so that the game always remained a challenge. With guns, rockets and missiles to keep even the most trigger-happy pilot amused for hours. The 3D scenery consisted of blue/green horizon with buildings, trees, enemy targets and landing areas reproduced in vector graphics. The split screen allowed the pilot to keep his eye on the instrumentation at all times.

Although the game is included in the All-time Top Games at position 66 with 89.67% it was unfortunately burdened by the inclusion of the Lenslok copy protection.


Title: Tomahawk
Company: Digital Integration
Type: Flight Simulator
Year: 1986