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X-DDOS is a disc and hard disc operating system from the german company Dobbertin Industrie Electronic. It provides 0.7 MB floppy disc formats for B drives and allows to access the Dobbertin Harddisc HD20. X-DDOS is delivered as a 16 KB EPROM.

Floppy Discs

X-DDOS supports B drives on all CPCs with 80 tracks and 2 sides. It's compatible to the 704 KB Vortex format of the Vortex drives. Additionally it provides the Dobbertin Data- and System format (about 0.7 MB).

X-DDOS supports CP/M and CP/M Plus on 0.7 MB B-drives.

The RSX command !HELP displays the command summary of X-DDOS. The commands of AmsDOS are integrated as a subset.

Hard Disc HD 20

The Dobbertin Harddisc HD20 consists of four partitions with 5120 KB each. X-DDOS allows the access to this 5 MB partitions by using the drive letters D, E, F and G. The integration of X-DDOS allows to load some games and demos from hard disc. Also CP/M and CP/M Plus can be booted from hard disc.